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KOBER Steinwiesen GmbH & Co.KG

Located in the idyllic Franconian Forest, porcelain “made in Germany” is manufactured since 1912 in Steinwiesen.

The success story of the family-owned company, founded as a doll’s head factory, began with the triumphal march of insulating electronical porcelain.

Today, with 75 employees, KOBER is expert in special products made of the precious material porcelain. From efficiently producing large-volumes to handcrafted individual pieces, KOBER is a reliable supplier for mainly industrial customers. Our own mold construction and mechanical engineering enables maximum flexibility, quality and punctuality.

The professional staff of KOBER realizes even difficult porcelain product ideas with passion and experience.

Let yourself and your customers get inspired by this timelessly beautiful material.

Who are the people behind KOBER?


Our pleasure is the motivation and commitment of our team. Reliability in quality and on-time deliveries combined with high flexibility are experience based values which are lived for decades.
Direct contact with decision-makers and short ways of communication will also make it easy for you to work with us.


100% electricity from renewable energy,
with your own photovoltaic system
we generate about 25% of our electricity consumption by ourselves.

Heat recovery

Heat exchangers withdraw energy
from the used air of our kilns and compressors.
With this energy out of wasted heat 40,000 liters
buffer tanks are heated and our buildings
and drying rooms are supplied if necessary.

Natural resources

Porcelain is made of natural raw materials (kaolin, feldspar and quartz)
The durability of porcelain products helps activly to prevent waste.
Porcelain is not aggressive and does not release contaminants
to the environment while disposing.



During the production process the remaining porcelain mass is recycled
and returned to the production process.
Fired porcelain waste is milled and used as filler for
refractory lining of kilns.
Meaning nearly all of the waste material is recycled.


Sanitary industry

Lever handles, handles, small inlay plates, accessories made of hard porcelain.
The perfect hygienic supplement to high quality chrome.
Perfect fit and even after years of hard use still shiny and beautiful.


Noble, timeless, diverse in shape and decoration, our components made of solid porcelain upgrade your fittings.
Constructive consultancy for perfect installation and attractive design are included as European market leader.

Lighting and electric

Socket covers, lampshades and insulators. Electricity and insulating porcelain have always belonged together.
The good insulation, the safe temperature stability, the aging resistance and the tender translucency
are ideal attributes to develop timeless products.

Dental Technology and Cosmetics

Perfect surfaces for perfect work. We produce mixing trays which protect precious brushes and make everyday work easier due to their constant, self-moistening function.
Of course, they can be hygienically cleaned by firing without loss of function.

Chemical industry

Porous alumina catalyst carrier, packing, cyclones, jet pumps and motive nozzles
from a few millimeters to as tall as a man. From the individual production of precisely grounded nozzles to mass production of packings.
We produce according to your needs.

Wear protection

Plough shares made of wear-resistant alumina, thread guides with perfect surface, bends and pipes.
Technical ceramics are far superior to most materials.

Design Products

The high-quality appearance and beloved appreciation of porcelain inspires the market appearance of innovative product ideas.
The extraordinary longevity and environmental compatibility corresponds to the responsible creative spirit of the time.


We offer a comprehensive service to our customers, all from one source and “in house”.
From product design at the beginning of a project to the development of the necessary tools and molds as well as the production of small series to industrial series production.

Mechanical engineering

Machines tailor made for your needs.
Everything from one source, easy to maintain and built with reliable quality components.
Benefit from our experience!

Jigs and fixtures

Reliable, easy to use and functional.
We help to make your processes run smoothly.

Design and development

We don’t talk you into something!
Our field services are trained, trend-proof designers who take up your wishes and help to realize them in a material-oriented way.
This is how successful products are created.
The high-quality appearance and beloved appreciation of porcelain inspires the market appearance of innovative product ideas.
The extraordinary longevity and environmental compatibility corresponds to the responsible creative spirit of the time.


As porcelain manufacturer with over 100 years of experience and as we are using many different production methods we give our workshop participants an insight into the world of porcelain production.
What are the possibilities in manufacturing and what advantages does one production method has to another?
We discuss all your questions and work out a good basis for the practical part of the workshop. In the most traditional process, slip casting, we produce porcelain articles and learn piece by piece about the individual steps of a porcelain product.

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Benjamin Kube

General manager

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Susanne Engelhardt


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Christina Beetz

Sales / Workshops

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Beate Wich-Reif

Product designer

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We would be pleased to provide you with information about our portfolio on request.