About KOBER Steinwiesen

Since 1912 porcelain "Made in Germany" is fabricated in Steinwiesen, which is located in the idyllic Franconian Forrest.

Originally founded as a doll's head factory, the fast growing of insulating electrical-porcelain began with the electrification of households and with it the successful story of the family business.

Today, KOBER with its´75 employees is specialist for products made out of the classy material porcelain. With a variety starting from hand-made individual items up to highly automatically produced items with high volumes, KOBER is a reliable supplier mainly for industrial clients. 

Our own tool shop and mechanical engineering department enables high flexibility, quality and delivery in time.

KOBER's experts realize difficult product ideas in porcelain with passion and experience.
Let you and your customers get inspired by this timeless and beautiful material.


Our joy is the motivation of our team. Being dependable regarding quality and deadline in combination with high flexibility is a value we live. Working with us means, you will benefit from direct and personal contact to decision-makers and short communication channels.


The raw material porcelain is due to its incomparable noble appearance and durability still high-tech.

Temperature stable, extreme hard, wear-resistant, electrically insulating, colourfast, non-aging, hygienic, harmless to health and environment.

A high-class material for your quality demand.
Porcelain will exceed your expectations. We would be glad to support you!



With our own solar power system we cover 25% if our own electric power consumption. The rest is bought from 100% renewable energy sources.


Regenerative Heat Recovery

That exchangers extract  energy from the kiln´s exhausted air and from compressor cooling. With this energy 40.000 litres of waters can be heated and later on used for our facilities and drying chambers.

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Natural Raw Material


Porcelain is made out of natural raw materials (kaolin, feldspar and quartz). The durability of porcelain goods make an active contribution towards waste prevention. Porcelain is inert and at its disposal it will not release any pollutant substances to the environment.


During the production process dropped porcelain mass is reprocessed and returned into the production loop. 
Already fired porcelain waste is going to be grinded and processed as filler in refractory linings of kilns. Therefore 100% of the material waste is reused.


With a background as a manufacturer of technical ceramic, we are one of the few porcelain producers who can offer an extensive range of production techniques.


Mould Casting


Wet Pressing

Dry Pressing

Isostatic Pressing



Sanitary Industry

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Switch levers, handles, inlays and accessories made of hard porcelain. 

Perfect hygienic components to high-quality chrome.


Accurately fitting and even after years of usage still shiny and fine.


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Noble, timeless and manifold in shape and decoration our items will grade up your hardware. 

Our design department will help you to find the perfect mounting and contemporary design – of course this service is included. 

Lighting and Electrical

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Switch covers, lampshades and insulators. Electricity and insulating porcelain ever belong together. Good insulation capability, best temperature stability, its resistance to aging and the fine light transmission are the perfect characteristics to develop timeless products.

Dental Technology and Cosmetics

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We are producing mixing slabs that are easy on your valuable brushes. Their constant, self moisturizing function will facilitate your everyday work. Of course they can be hygienically purified by firing.

Chemical Industry

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Catalyst Carriers made of porous alumina, filling material, cyclones, jet pumps, blowing nozzles ranging from a few millimeters to a man's hight. 

Complying with your needs we can produce accurate grinded single pieces as jets up to bulk production of filling material.

Wear Protection

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Ploughshares out of wear resistant aluminum oxide, thread guides with perfect surface, elbows and pipes. The characteristics of chemical ceramics beat other materials by far.

Design Goods

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The high quality of porcelain appearance and general appreciation helps innovative product ideas its successful entry on the market. The extraordinary durability and environmental compatibility matches the creative and responsible spirit of the time.


We are doing everything by ourselves here in Germany. Starting from the product design at the begining of a project to the development of the necessary tooling and production of small batches to  industrial series fabrication.

Mechanical Engineering

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Machinery designed for your application. Service from a single source, maintenance-friendly constructed with solid quality parts. Benefit from our rich experience!

Jig Manufacturing

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Easy to operate, reliable and functional. We help you to create smooth processes.

Design and Development

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Our field service are skilled and reliable trendy designers. They listen to your requests and help to realise your ideas in porcelain. This way successful products are made.


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We want to inspire you! Porcelain has charm and is fascinating. Because its fabrication differs from all other materials, there are quite a few things to experience. Workshops are offered for designers, product developers and interested persons. Not only technical knowledge is taught but also some hands-on work is allowed. At that point you will understand our passion.


Interested? Sign up for our workshop-newsletter!




Benjamin Kube
General Manager
Tel.: +49 9262 77-471
Fax.: +49 9262 77-469
Carolin Bätz
Sales Assistant
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Susanne Engelhardt
Sales Assistant
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Carolin Hollendonner
Sales Assistant
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Mailing Address

KOBER Steinwiesen GmbH & Co.KG

Postfach 10

D - 96347 Steinwiesen



Visiting Address

KOBER Steinwiesen GmbH & Co. KG

Paul-Rauschert-Str. 6

D-96349 Steinwiesen



Phone: +49-9262 / 77-0

Fax: +49-9262 / 77-469


Seat of the Company

Steinwiesen; Commercial Register at District Court Coburg: HRA 4853

VAT ID: DE 815475352


Owner / Management

Rainer Kober, Benjamin Kube



Personally Liable Partner
KOBER Geschäftsführungs GmbH
Paul-Rauschert-Str. 6
96349 Steinwiesen
Company's Seat Steinwiesen
Register Court Coburg HRB 4023
Managing Directors: Rainer Kober, Benjamin Kube



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